• About Us

SimCAE Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional CAE software and consultant service provider in China. We have many years simulation experience of casting, welding, forming, and major CFD/FEA industry.

Our solution include FLOW-3D, RecurDyn, Polyflow, Castflow,etc. We also provide professional CAE analysis consultant service, to Automotive, Mechanical, Casting, Welding, Coating, MEMS, Electronic, Hydraulics, Marine, etc.

If you are industry company, that need total CAE solution, include software, consultant service, training, SimCAE total support you.

If you are CAE software company, also welcome to contact for cooperate, we have a CAE portal website in China, (www.caenet.cn), which was built from 2005, has more than 200,000 register members, we can help to promote new CAE software become famous and popular in China.